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Intervention Groups

At our school we offer a wide range of interventions groups to ensure that all of our pupils receive the right kind of learning package to help them navigate through their learning journey. These groups consist of reading, literacy, maths, behavioural, nurture and speaking and listening.  
Our SENCo and Inclusion Manager, Ms Kim Smith will guide you through should your child need any of the interventions during their school career.

Intervention Groups


  • Stanley 
  • Language Link 
  • Speech link
  • Speech Therapy 
  • Fast Forward Spelling
  • Working Memory Group
  • ELSA 
  • Toe-by-Toe, Word Wasp and Hornet 
  • Mental Health First Aider
  • Toe-by-Toe, Word Wasp and Hornet 

In response to the Code of Practice, using the graduated approach assess, plan, do, review becomes a tool initially used by the class teacher to look at the needs across the class, and then plan for any individual children who need additional in class support (DfE and DoH, 2015).  This can be additional to or different from usual class support, followed by targeted intervention by a specialist teacher through referral, or the most skilful adult to give the extra support.


SEND IN PRACTICE by Cassie Young

THE research ED GUIDE TO SPECIAL EDUCATIONAL NEEDS edited by Karen Wespieser