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At St. Anne’s School, we prepare our children to become effective contributors by introducing the scientific knowledge and skills necessary for exploring, questioning and influencing the world around them.

We aim to inspire, excite and inform learners as they acquire an awareness of the nature, processes and methods of science. By learning to respect living things and the environment, to understand the impact of science and technology over time and to recognise its significance in real life contexts and for the future our children become informed and responsible citizens.

We ensure collaborative practical activities, scientific enquiry skills, procedural knowledge and specialist vocabulary are embedded in each science unit in a safe and nurturing environment where all children are included and respected.

By valuing ideas and recognising talking, thinking, hypothesising and questioning as essential elements in developing an understanding of new processes, learners will develop increasing independence and become confident individuals.

As successful learners, they will use their experiences, ideas, knowledge and understanding of the work of scientists to develop their own curiosity and creativity.