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Parent Forum

Parent Forum Representatives:


  • Jane Wright
  • Rosie Evans
  • Zoe Mcallister-Wilding
  • Beth Chapman

If you would like to contact a member of the Parent Forum there will be an email address shared with parents soon.

The role of a parent representative is primarily concerned with building and maintaining a sense of community within our school.

1.    To help build and maintain clear communications between the parents/carers and teachers of each class/year group.
2.    To help the SLT and staff team to build a sense of community and to foster positive parental partnerships
3.    Introduce new families to other parents/carers in the class/year group and help integrate them into the school community in association with teachers

It is a purely voluntary role and as a school we are grateful for the time that our team of reps dedicate to their positions.  Reps carry out a number of tasks, some of which include attending regular meetings with the Deputy Headteacher and Head teacher to share feedback and gather parental views; helping class teachers to recruit parent/carer volunteers for activities and events throughout the year e.g. accompanying school trips, assisting with school productions (costumes, make-up, props etc.), helping with sea swimming. 

The issues involved in the role of a Parent Representative are largely of a social nature. Parent Representatives are expected to support their fellow parents. However, if parents have problems with the school, the parent representatives must ask them to use the correct lines of communication. In the first instance parents/carers should speak to the class teacher with any concerns or queries. If this is not possible or appropriate, parents/carers should speak to a member of SLT: for primary – Ally Morgan; for secondary – Deborah Dix, for SEND – Kim Smith. Following this, concerns should be forwarded to the Head Teacher.  On occasion, the Parent Representative may feel it appropriate to bring a concern directly to the Head teacher or Deputy Head Teacher without having to discuss any specific or confidential details.  

Our Parent Reps understand and respect the need for complete confidentiality.   Sensitive matters relating to individual children or families should not be discussed outside of the Parent Rep group.

Please remember that there is always someone at school to discuss any issue with parents relating to the education of their child or the school in general. The school encourages all parents to raise any problem directly with the school, rather than discussing the issue outside of the established lines of communication. 

Parent Forum Minutes
Parent Forum Minutes 20.03.2024
Parent Forum Minutes 23.05.2024
Parent Forum Minutes 23.05.2024