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Religious Education

“This is no small matter. We are discussing how we ought to live.” Socrates.

Religious Studies deals with the most important social and moral issues of our time, including racism, sexism and animal rights, genetic engineering, abortion and euthanasia, slavery, poverty and war, the government, the environment and the media, superstition, science and the internet.

Society of the Bailiwick and beyond reflects a wide range of beliefs, values and traditions. Religious Education enables the pupils to explore the world’s major religions and approaches to living which are independent of religious belief. They are challenged by different beliefs and values and supported to develop responsible attitudes to other people, their values and their capacity for moral and ethical judgement. The study of the world’s religions is an essential feature of religious and moral education.

Religious Education at St. Anne’s School is taught at KS3 through the This is RE! Scheme and supplemented with a range of media resources. There is clear reference to The Big Picture Curriculum and the Guernsey Agreed Syllabus.

Additionally throughout the year there is awareness raising of different festivals such as Black History Month, Diwali, Anti-bullying Week, Sukkot, Hanukkah, Christmas, Martin Luther King Day, Holocaust Remembrance Day, Chinese New Year, Wesak, Easter, Ramadan and Eid.

Some topics have a focus on one religion and others focus on multiple religions. Non religious views are also considered.

The skills of empathy, respect and tolerance are expected through all elements of our curriculum. Pupils are challenged to consider what they think, believe and know and how this is similar or different to the views of others. They are challenged to relate their learning to other subjects across the curriculum such as history, geography or science.

What do KS3 pupils study?


Year 7

  • What is RE? (All)
  • How and why do people Worship? (Hinduism)
  • Is it right to eat animals? (All)
  • The Bible (Christianity)
  • What does Justice Mean to Christians? (Christianity)
  • Why was Gotama Buddha so special?
  • What is a Buddhist goal in life (Buddhism)
  • What are we doing to the environment? (All)

Year 8    

  • Guidance (Christianity, Judaism)
  • Journeys as a tourist or pilgrim (Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, Judaism)
  • Did Jesus Save the World? Birth (Christianity)
  • Did Jesus Save the World? Death (Christianity)
  • Did Jesus Save the World? Resurrection (Christianity)
  • What makes a gurdwara special? How do Sikhs’ beliefs affect their actions? (Sikhism)

Year 9

  • Who am I? (All)
  • Judaism (Judaism)
  • The Holocaust (Judaism)
  • From Life to Death where are we going? (Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism)
  • Why is it sometimes hard to believe in God?-Suffering and Science (Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism)
  • Bridges and Barriers (Islam and Christianity)
KS3 RE Curriculum Map