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Physical Education

Physical health and wellbeing contributes to children’s social, emotional, economic and physical development. 

We aim to lay the foundations for children to develop into confident individuals, who have a positive sense of personal identity, whilst maintaining respect for the similarities and differences of others. They will learn to understand the importance of leadership and teamwork when cooperating fairly with others, gaining a deeper understanding of their own and others’ roles.

Children will learn how to live a balanced lifestyle - formed of physical activity, leisure, work and rest. By providing the stepping stones from physical competence to performance, children learn the importance of practice, control and dexterity in order to succeed. They raise their aspirations, set goals and work to achieve them, understanding how this can influence their opportunities in education, leisure and the world of work.

After gaining this knowledge, in combination with the key skills that have been taught throughout their time at St Anne’s School, children will become self-aware learners with a commitment to self-improvement, that have the ability to make informed decisions which lead to happy and healthy lives.